“Get Coached: Start Building A Personal Plan for Success”

The week of May 6-12 has been designated as International Coaching Week and will be celebrated all around the globe. The goal of the week is to raise awareness of coaching. Most people I know could benefit from having a personal coach, but most people don’t understand coaching – how it works or how they […]

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The Right Tool for the Right Job: The Expansive Leader Toolkit

Great leaders understand that no two people are alike and that no two situations they encounter will be identical. Thus, they have assembled a leadership toolkit that has all the right tools for all the right jobs. As a leadership coach, I often encounter people who try to use one tool for every job, an […]

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The Artful Coach – Episode 8: Clarity

Are there areas in your life where you are lacking clarity? Let me ask you to consider a few questions that may be contributing to the lack of clarity. Pause to consider these questions before you continue:


What beliefs about yourself may be holding you back from clarity?
Are you operating on assumptions that may […]

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The Artful Coach Podcast- Episode 7: Possibilities

My wife and I are near the end of our six-week stay on Cape Cod. We love to come here for a whole host of reasons, including escaping the summer heat in Nashville, having some time to slow down and reflect, and for me, as an artist, it is just an inspiring place to paint. […]

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The Artful Coach – Episode 6: Self-promotion

In my work as a coach and really throughout my career, I find there are some words or concepts that are terribly misunderstood and therefore tend to conjure up very negative thoughts that hold us back. Today, I want to talk about self-promotion. When most people thinking about self-promotion, they almost think of it as […]

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The Artful Coach Podcast – Episode 5: Affirmation

My original plan for this Podcast was to focus on self promotion, but I read a note on FB the other day that changed my mind about the word I want to discuss this month. As I am sure you already figured out from the title, the word is affirmation. It seems like a nice […]

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The Artful Coach Podcast – Episode 4: Ambiguity

Today, I am making a departure from my usual podcast format of using art as a way to inform business principles.

Recently, I have had a number of clients, friends and family find themselves in very ambiguous situations in their jobs so I wanted to offer some thoughts and insights to anyone in times when there […]

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The Artful Coach Podcast – Episode 3: Results

Perhaps one of the greatest lessons I ever learned early in my career was to build my reputation on being someone who always got the results and not on being recognized for my individual contribution to the results. Most leaders who transition from a role where their individual performance was the key to their success, […]

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The Artful Coach Podcast – Episode 2: Intentionality

So what are the odds that most of us accomplish all of our New Years’ resolutions? Not good, I bet. But, I have found that 100% of my executive coaching clients have achieved every significant behavior shift or goal when they chose to be intentional about making the change or reaching the goal. The odds […]

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The Artful Coach Podcast – Episode 1: Perspective

Terry Warren is executive coach and a visual artist. He believes there are lessons to be learned from how art imitates business and vice versa. This podcast is the first in a monthly series. Many in the series will use Terry’s work as an artist to illustrate key lessons for leaders. The first podcast in […]

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